Surfline launches ‘Year of the Customer’ loyalty programme

Ghana’s leading 4G-LTE Internet service provider, Surfline Communications, has launched a customer loyalty programme, dubbed ‘Year of the Customer’, which is intended to reward customers with gift vouchers, data offers and merchandise from the company’s major partners.

The Commercial Director of the company, David Afugani, said the programme indicates the success of Surfline’s focus on customer engagement strategies with the aim to keep them on the network.

According to Mr. Afugani, a research conducted by the company on customer satisfaction revealed that, on average, the company’s loyal customers were worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

Also, the research revealed that 9 in 10 people were willing to spend more with Surfline because they believed Surfline provided rewards and excellent customer service.ADVERTISEMENT

He said the ‘Year of the Customer’ programme is thus expected to give a boost in attracting the desired action for the loyalty campaign started by the company in 2019.

He said the rewards programme is forged with strategic partners in the hospitality, recreation, food and health industries to give customers who actively use Surfline free to heavily discounted vouchers for use in Ghana.

Founded in 2011, Surfline communications, leads in 4GLTE services for homes and businesses.

The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to make people and businesses efficient and productive.


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