Nigeria begins rehabilitation of roads in Ogun State

Nigeria has commenced rehabilitation works on roads intra-city roads across Ogun State. Consultant to the Governor on Works and Infrastructure, Ade Akinsanya, made the announcement and said that works are being done through the Public Works Agency (OPWA).

Ade Akinsanya pointed out that besides the road construction and rehabilitation, the state government had also begun the re-designing and proper channelization of drainage in different parts of the state and explained that works were being done with a view to checking flooding being experienced by residents and road users in the state.

The over 30 kilometres of intra-city roads include; Bright Fashion junction, Surulere-Baruwa/Eleja road, Hospital-Ajegunle in Sagamu axis, saying full construction had also commenced at Molipa-Fusigboye, Asafa-Oke, Asafa-Isale roads in Ogun East Senatorial District, Fajol-Ajegunle road in Obantoko, Elite road-Oke Lantoro-Isale Ake, as well as Vespa-Olose Titun, Ikorita Meje in Ifo area, in Ogun Central.

Mr. Ade Akinsanya added that Osi-Ikola-Navy and Ray-power road at Ota, Ogun West Senatorial District were also being reconstructed and assured that all ongoing projects embarked upon by the agency and the ones inherited from the previous administration would be completed in due course.

Nigeria’s annual traffic fatality rate was reported as 5,000 in 2008. A major contributor to this statistic is the poor condition of the roads. The country has 120,546-mile network of roads, the quality of which is generally crumbling because they are poorly maintained. Heavy travel on major roads accelerates the wear, vehicle accidents are very common, and the fatality rate is high.

Potholes are numerous, leading drivers to swerve around them, sometimes putting themselves and those in other vehicles at risk. There are frequent delays when vehicles have to slow down. Lagos, the capital city, is notorious for its slow traffic. Some roads have deteriorated so badly they are impassable.


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