More deliveries for courier service providers as COVID-19 restricts movement

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly taken a huge toll on many businesses, causing job losses and reducing productivity.

But at the same time, other businesses are making huge gains from the situation; one of such being those in the courier service.

This is largely because people have limited their movements, and are thus rely more on online delivery services.

Some restaurants in Accra for instance are recording losses as they’re unable to host large numbers of people due to the situation.ADVERTISEMENT

As a result, they have been relying on courier service providers to fill the gap.

In some cases, some of the restaurant operators have even resorted to free deliveries just to get their clients to stick to them.

The ban on public gatherings, the closure of schools and now the partial lock-down that has forced many people to work from home or not work at all, means that there would be a huge reliance on courier service providers to provide essential services like food deliveries, as food vendors are exempted from the partial lock-down.

A rider prepares to deliver an item.

CEO of SO Courier Logistics, Stacy Opare, who spoke to Citi Business News, says demand is so high that they’re unable to meet them entirely.

CEO of SO Courier Logistics, Stacy Opare, speaks to Citi Business News’ Jessica Ayorkor Aryee.

“The gains; yes, because there is a lot more pressure on us. Most people are at home and then they want a lot of stuff. We have people calling on us with a shopping list to buy them stuff, and obviously more pressure means more money. Business is good. I’ve made additional gains of about 30%. We are able to meet demand to about 90% because the pressure is insurmountable. You have people who ordinarily wouldn’t call because they can move around now calling, so there’s so much pressure and it’s overwhelming but we’re doing our best” she said.

source citibusinessnews

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