Companies in Ghana have been challenged to invest in the knowledge of foundational technologies in order to drive the growth of industrialization. The call was made by Dr. Joseph Cruickshank at a lecture organized by the Ghana Institution of Engineering as part of its evening presentation series, initiated to equip members with modern knowledge and skills sets in engineering.

Speaking on the topic: “Industrial Centrifugal Compressors, A Conversation”, Dr. Cruickshank admonished participants and companies to devote to investing in foundational technologies to position engineering in Ghana on the trajectory of expansion and innovation. This according to him would pave way for our bid to industrialize as a country.

“It is important for us to consider investing in foundational technologies. Without them, we are going nowhere as a country. It is important for us as engineers to lead this conversation…. Whenever you talk about industrialization policy, we need to ask ourselves the question; what are we going to learn as engineers? we need to be on the ground to learn.” He said.

Dr. Cruickshank also touched on the importance of the selection and use of centrifugal compressors in industrial manufacturing companies.

The presentation also centered on giving practicing engineers insight into how things are done in big industrial manufacturing complexes and to inspire best practices in local industries where they work. The event presented an opportunity for networking and for experienced practitioners to share their knowledge and experiences in their area of expertise.

Dr. Joseph Cruickshank is a Consulting Aerodynamics Engineer, responsible for the aerodynamic research and design of all industrial centrifugal compressors built in General Electric (GE) US facilities. He expertise spans across specifying the design methodologies, supervising design reviews and following the design through manufacturing and testing of compressors. In 2003, He wrote and upgraded the aerodynamic design software used by General Electric (GE) Oil &as.

Executive Director of Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE), Ing. Kwabena Agyepong, in his closing remarks, entreated engineers to exhibit professionalism and adherence to ethics while carrying out their duties. He reiterated the institution’s commitment and support in ensuring members contribute to the national development agenda.

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