Construction of Tema roundabout interchange project in Ghana on track

Construction on the Tema roundabout interchange project in Ghana is on track, with 60% of works completed. Manager of Shimizu-Dai Nippon JV, the Japanese construction firm undertaking the project, Mr. Yujin Uemura revealed the report and said that the project could be completed ahead of deadline.

Mr. Yujin Uemura explained that 85% of major concrete works on the project are complete with remaining percentage expected to be completed in the next couple of days. Drainage systems and pedestrian footbridges on the other hand are in their completion stages with over 70% of the work also done.

He further added that works on the road segment of the project, which had delayed due to the concentration on the concrete aspect of the project had also been intensified to facilitate the completion of the project.

Tema roundabout interchange project

Tema roundabout interchange project is aimed at improving the capacity of the roundabout and its adjoining roads, improving the safety and efficiency of transport in the Greater Accra region as well as to provide an uninterrupted traffic flow to facilitate trade and transit in the West African Sub-region to enhance economic growth.

The project involves construction a three layer interchange with an underpass in the Accra-Aflao direction, a signaled intersection at the middle level of the interchange an 11.72km stretch of road, a 19.4km drainage system, and four pedestrian bridges, as well as ramps.

The US $57m road is being funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through its Official Development Assistance (ODA) grants. It is expected to be completed by June 2020.

Upon completion, the interchange will facilitate easy connection from Accra to Aflao and onwards to Togo, as well as the Akosombo road. The project is also part of the West African Corridor Development Growth Ring Master Plan which is being implemented by Messrs Shimizu-Dai Nippon Joint Venture (SDJV), with CTI Engineering International Company Ltd as consultants.


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