Construction of Delhi-Mumbai expressway in full swing

Construction of Delhi-Mumbai expressway, a new expressway link connecting India’s capital, Delhi, with the important commercial centre, Mumbai is in full swing. Work is being carried out on 18 of the 51 stretches into which the 1,320km expressway has been divided.

Works have already started on a 497km stretch, with another 162km waiting on the horizon after the tender was awarded. A further 569km stretch is currently under the bidding process. The eight-lane expressway, being built under the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) route, would reduce the distance between the two cities by over 150km and cut travel time to 13 hours from 24 hours now.

Under construction Mumbai Vadodara Expressway has been subsumed in this project. The total cost of the project is expected to be about US $15.38bn. It passes through the states of Haryana (80km), Rajasthan (380 km), Madhya pradesh (370km), Gujarat (300km) and Maharashtra (120km)

Delhi-Mumbai expressway

Expected to be ready by 2023-24, the project was necessitated due to the heavy congestion on the Delhi-Mumbai National Corridor along NH-48 of the Golden Quadrilateral. The six-lane corridor, a critical component of the country’s road network, sees an average traffic of around 80,000 passenger car units (PCUs), a figure that is expected to rise to around 100,000 PCUs soon


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