But for NDC, Ghana wouldn’t have had Terminal 3, interchanges, etc – Mahama lists achievements

Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama has listed ‘unprecedented’ achievements chalked by the party to the development of Ghana in the past 28 years in government.John Mahama

He has asked all Doubting Thomases to get a copy of the NDC’s Green Book to cross-check whether his government’s infrastructural projects exist in reality or only in that book.

Speaking to party supporters at the 28th-anniversary flag-raising ceremony of the NDC in Accra, he said the party “had the unique opportunity, thanks to the good people of Ghana, to lead this country for more years than any other political party.”

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has said the much-touted road projects and infrastructure by the erstwhile Mahama administration only exists in the famous Green Book.

He indicated that the massive infrastructural projects as claimed by the opposition NDC are non-existent.

He assessed that the road infrastructure the NDC boasted off can only be found in the Green Book.

During the commissioning of the newly constructed Tema Motorway Interchange on Friday, June 5, 2020, Nana Addo said “We made a pledge to the Ghanaian people to expand and improve the road network while closing the missing links in the network. We had to make this pledge because we know that the so-called unprecedented infrastructure development of the Mahama administration was fantasy; existing in the Green Book and not on the ground.”

But Mahama in response to the President said the NDC in government has contributed immensely to the development of Ghana adding that “sixteen out of the 28 years of our 4th Republican experiment, the management and administration of the country was in the hands of the NDC.”

He said, “It is those 16 years that account for the sustained growth, gradual improvement in the lives of especially our rural populations, and spurned a radical expansion of infrastructure, both social and economic across the country.”

Mahama noted the party’s achievements “are well-documented in the Green Book and urge all doubters to get a copy and step into your community and cross-check if the projects outlined there, the E-Blocks, interchanges, hospitals, and other transformational projects exist only in the book and listed them to Ghanaians.

He said: “But for the NDC, the present penetration of electricity supply, and in fact, the connection of our rural communities to the national grid would not have happened. But for the NDC, the current level of electricity generation could not have been achieved.

“But for the NDC, the current level of access to clean drinking water across the country would not have achieved. But for the NDC, the current expansion of health and educational infrastructure across the country would not have happened.

“But for the NDC, the development of critical economic infrastructure, especially the commencement of various road projects, all across the 16 regions would not have happened.”

He continued: “But for the NDC, and in these very challenging COVID-19 times, there wouldn’t have been the Ga East Hospital, the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, the University of Ghana Medical Centre, the Bank Hospital, the new and modern Tamale Teaching Hospital among others.

“But for the NDC, there wouldn’t have been all the interchanges at major traffic bottlenecks that have made life easier for commuters and motorists.

“But for the NDC, there would be no Terminal 3, Tamale International Airport, Kumasi Airport expansion and terminal, Ho airport, and all the other advances in the aviation sector.

“But for the NDC, there would be no Technical Universities, UHAS, UENR, University of Development Studies, University of Education Winneba, the University of Environment and Sustainable Development among others.”


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