7 Things you need to know before buying a land in Ghana

Land in Ghana has seen increasingly high levels of demand due to the growing population. Locals and expatriates alike aspire to stake a share in Ghana’s lands in order to serve either as a foundation for a home or for other commercial purposes.

Online real estate marketing portal Lamudi has acknowledged the difficulties associated with the land acquisition process in Ghana and shares some tips on the best practices to adopt.

  1. Do due diligence
  2. Search process
  3. Obtain a cadastral plan
  4. Hire an independent surveyor
  5. All lands are sold as leasehold
  6. Draft and sign a purchase and transfer agreement
  7. Register with Lands Commission

Ensure that you inform the Lands Commission about the transaction and apply for a transfer and registration of the land. The Lands Commission will provide you with a title certificate and cadastral plan at a later date.

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