20 reasons for Joe Biden to run

Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers look rotten and are getting worse by the day. Vice President Joe Biden is reportedly mulling his options. Democrats should encourage him to jump into the presidential race for a whole bunch of reasons, including:Follow the latest on Election 2020

1. Republicans cannot be counted on to nominate a weak candidate. With contenders such as Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and a flock of current and former governors, the likelihood that a radical candidate prone to self-destruction gets nominated is low. That means Democrats need a better candidate, not just a campaign to destroy the other guy.

2. Gender isn’t what it is cracked up to be. In recent swing-state polling, she loses to three different male candidates. A male socialist is also drawing huge crowds in her primary.

3. Hillary Clinton has yet to deliver a well-regarded speech.AD

4. Hillary Clinton almost invariably makes things worse in interviews.

5. Biden was a heroic figure for liberals on gay marriage and gun control.

6. Biden has been on a winning presidential campaign twice and knows how it’s done.

7. Biden is an aggressive debater who rattled a younger VP opponent in 2012. Up against a younger GOP opponent, he could do real damage.

8. There is no question about Biden’s candor and authenticity.

9. Biden can excite the liberal base and win over working-class voters in the heartland.

10. Biden can claim partial credit for the economic recovery more easily than the former secretary of State.

11. Biden gets along with lawmakers and can get things done.

12.  Hillary Clinton’s e-mails are not all out. There may be nasty surprises for Democrats.

13. Biden’s spouse is a tremendous asset who won’t steal the spotlight or embarrass the candidate.AD

14. Tragedy has humanized Biden. Scandal has embittered and hardened Clinton.

15. If Democrats aren’t bothered by Clinton’s or by Sen. Bernie Sanders’s age, Biden’s age shouldn’t be a barrier.

16. Biden has made so many gaffes, the media and public are pretty much inured to them.

17. Biden has universal name identification, so he doesn’t need time or money to introduce himself. He’s not attempting a makeover, so he doesn’t have to reintroduce himself either.

18. Biden has a better reputation with Israel and with the American Jewish community and cannot be blamed for orchestrating an anti-Israel foreign policy.

19. Biden loves to talk to the media and interact with voters.

20. He can always pick a woman as his VP.

Jennifer RubinJennifer Rubin writes reported opinion for The Washington Post.Follow

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